Neat Fact on Portuguese Culture that I Learned while Reading to My Children


This 32 page book was an easy and informative read. It is divided into short sections making for pleasant and brief nightly reads in the bedtime schedule. I recommend it for ages 5-7.  Portugal, from the Exploring Countries series is a good addition to the free, printable, online learning resources I referred to in an earlier post.

Portugal,  gave the basics on location, the land, Azores, wild life, the people, daily life, going to school, working, playing, food, holidays and age of discovery. Each page featured an interesting fact or thought. My only disappointment was that it didn’t mention Madeira island.

In its defense however, it wasn’t just the children that benefited from this book. I gleamed a few tidbits on Portuguese culture that I hadn’t earlier known for all my readings.  Did you know that while people in Lisbon clap after listening to fados, the people of Coimbra cough to show their appreciation of a good fado performance?!


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