On Our Way!


A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

I had the pleasure of sitting next to 90 year old Vera from England on our first flight.   When my youngest son fussed Vera would distract him speaking in her lovely English “What ‘ave we got here? Show me your pretties” she would say pointing to his baby scribbles in a sketch pad.

At home my little boy always puts his used diapers in the garbage after a change. On flight he found one I had put in my bag to throw away later.  It was bothering him as he wanted it in its proper place.  He took the diaper and extended his arm toward the isle (also in the direction of Vera).  Vera then took it from him and kept asking him “what ‘ave we got here?”

I was a little surprised but thought it was her way of playing him (it was only wet on the inside).  Then she asked me “what is it?”  Surprised again, I repeated her question as a question of my own. When she confirmed her question, I told her and with a sheepish chuckle I added that I thought she was just teasing him.  Then I learned about her failing eye sight. She had no idea it was a diaper! We both shared many giggles after that.


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