4 Free Online Tools: Our Favorite Resources for Learning Portuguese Together

learn Portuguese

You’ll find a plethora of options for online language learning and apps.  Just be mindful to filter between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese when choosing an app.  Many apps displaying the Portuguese flag are actually teaching Brazilian Portuguese.  Reading the reviews when choosing an app should help you find one that is truly European Portuguese, precise in translation and of a good quality.

Here are our favorites:

L- Lingo app for Android devices is a terrific choice for family learning using picture, text and sound in each lesson followed by a playful quiz which my children make a game of.

Google Translate is good choice for online use when you want to translate a body of text as well as for learning a specific word or phase.  Google Translate allows you to enter text and will show your text along-side its translated form.  You can highlight a word, for word-to-word translation, and the translation can be played out-loud.

FancyTran (yes, I still sport a Blackberry).  The only thing to watch for here is that the “sh” sound pronounced in Portuguese in words ending in “os” is not really heard on FancyTran.  I most appreciate this useful app.  when I get a chance to indulge in a quiet walk where I can play-back and practice a sentence repeatedly.

Book Box has superb little videos for children in a variety of languages. We play an English version followed by a Portuguese version of the same story to help with comprehension.  Book Box makes for entertaining exposure to an unfamiliar language.


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