Traveling Light Tip #3 – Wash ‘n’ Wear ’em


Undies, whitey-tighties, scivies, panties, boxers, ginch, gaunch, briefs, shorts  -whatever you call them, do you really need to pack a week’s worth of underwear???

Uhhh… Nope!

You can get by with as little as 2-3 pairs. Buy a few pairs of quick drying undies and hand wash before you go to bed each night. They’ll be dry long before morning so you can toss them in your bag and be on your way.

There are several online sources where you can purchase quick drying underwear but you might find a better deal in-store (I did!).

The Hudson Bay Company sells a brand in men’s and women’s underwear called Jockey.  Jockey has a line of quick drying underwear.   Look for garments that use these quick drying fabric blends: polyester, spandex, Nylon.  They are only a little cheaper than most quick drying underwear found online but if shopping the Bay keep your eye out for sales as they often have decent sales on quality undergarments.

Another in-store option for women is Victoria’s Secret (pictured above).  However, I couldn’t find any without lace (maybe not so comfortable for traveling?).

Yes, now you know what brands of undies I’ll be sporting for 6 weeks.  Do I care?  No.

Happy packing!


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