Packing Light- Tip #1: A Grooming Trick that Saves Space

Is it possible to travel light with small children? 

As I’m preparing for our trip, I’m beginning to think we might not be able to pack as light as I had first hoped.  It looks like there is a good chance we’ll be bringing our own car seats/booster seat for the kids as we wont be staying in one place while we’re there (more on that later!).  That being said, we will trying to find every reasonable way to limit the amount of things we’re going to lug around.

Here is one thing we’ll be doing to cut down on the amount of luggage we’ll use:

Traveling Light -Tip #1

Pack a face cloth.  Not a bath towel.  Use your facecloth like you would a towel.  It is enough to do the job.  For your hair pack a hand towel or if you have thick/long hair bring a mini bath towel.  Wrap your hair in it so it isn’t dripping all over you and use the face cloth for your body.  We are packing 4 hand towels and 5 absorbent facecloths.  Should be plenty for a family of 5.  Not too sure my kids/husband will be all that impressed.  But I’m sure Jeff and l will be thankful when it comes to hauling luggage around for 6 weeks!


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